Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashion and Clothing for Men

If I'm going to buy a pair of jeans, I'll try on jeans. If I need a shirt, I'll look at shirts. I know what I need and that's what I'll shop for. You don't need to spend copious amounts of time and energy in the fashion world to be fashionable. Another reason why guys do not need to spend a lot of time shopping for clothes is that we usually have a good hunch about what's going to work and what isn't.

Online shopping has for the most part cured my mall issues. Not only do I do most of my shopping online because I'm lazy, but the sales that I find are incredible. I've never been one to buy designer clothes full price anyway, but I do tend to overspend on unnecessary things. Men and clothes usually don't mix. As a guy, I do go out of my way to at least look like I know what I'm doing. Hair wax, check. Skinny jeans, check. Slim fitting shirts, check. Cool sneakers, check. All the usual for a guy that tries a little.

Being fashionable as a man has it's ups and downs. For one thing, chicks dig it. That is probably the biggest plus out of them all, if not the only. Yes it sucks taking more time in the morning getting ready, and yeah it sucks actually having to match what you wear (but not too much cause that's not fashionable). But, there are positives to taking care of yourself. For one thing, my confidence has gone up. It feels good to feel good in what you're wearing, get me? Kind of like a new haircut, stylish clothes bring out the brighter you.

Being a fashionable man is very easy. All it takes is a little consideration, a little advice from your better half, and the willingness to care a little. Trust me, you'll notice a big difference in how your friends and family react to you. You might even be able to land a date with the fashionable girl in lecture.


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