Sunday, August 29, 2010

Once you party with us, you'll be fallin' in love

So, Katy Perry's new album is STILL the soundtrack to my life currently. Too much fun to dance to..

So, I was playing around on Polyvore earlier today, and created this outfit using my fav of our plaids!

what do you think? its hot huh? would you wear it?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Can you feel the HEAT?

for those of you following basketball, maybe the Heat means something to you, or maybe those of you who were in Vegas with us and finally escaped that heat. Either way, heat means something to someone! right?!

OK, to my point. Has anyone seen LeBron's feature in GQ magazine? The pictures are great, he looks fabulous, been hittin that Miami beach I guess, anyway, his outfits are fabulous. check it out!

 photos from here

Love his looks in these photos. Especially the camel. I really wanna get some Camel skinnies and a coat. I feel like it'd be  a great addition to my wardrobe.. What do you guys think about Lebron now? traitor? or future Heat star?

I think he went for the gold.. and if thats where he will win, then let him do his thing! plays competitve basketball to win right?

Friday, August 20, 2010


So, we are extending our giveaway! I'd like to see more entries, so I am extending it to give more people a chance, especially after MAGIC, things were insane for everyone I'm sure!!

You now have until August 30th to enter!! SO GET TO IT! click here for the event page, or just comment on this blog entry, or any entry regarding the giveaway with a link to your fave shirt and why!! (:

you can find the shopping site HERE

thanks guys!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MAGIC pt. uno...

I'm a little late seeing as how I am at the show now, its technically Day one today, but we spent so long yesterday setting up and getting all the fun stuff (some not so fun) done that I obviously took pictures like the blogger I am attempting to become...
He who shall not be named, arriving at the show.
He is rocking on of our Rag Dynasty T's that we are giving away at the show everyday!
If ya are diggin' it, comment below, we'll figure something out..

Me! arriving to set up the booth, obviously really friggin excited.. 
Well, since I took literally a bajillion pictures, I will try to keep this somewhat tame, but it's an exciting show and wild & cuh-razy, so this post may have a little of everything inside of it. But those pictures were just outside of Mandalay, and five seconds after they were taken, we were probably sweating oceans. Vegas is SO HOT right now. It's a nightmare...anyway onto the fun stuff, like setting up. so, the gang!
The boys of Rag Dynasty, and a mannequin, but hey, he's a Rag Dynasty boy, right???

Also, this is a broad look...but look how great our colors and styles look. Get 
ready for some serious mens fashion porn as you scroll down, we have some AMAZING styles guys.
our beautiful booth name card...
I love that. Our first show, they got our name wrong. Ugh, I remember that and it was so frustrating especially as like, a debuting artist.. But man, when we got there, and I took this photograph, I was so stoked. It looks beautiful. I'm considering this for our new header, what do you think? should we do it?

the tag, I felt like it needed a picture they all look so wonderful.
(Its just unexplainable. is that a word? it is now!)
The colors, THE COLORS. This is just my attempt and being fabulous and artsy. but I do like the lineup and colors
what do you guys think?
Tobi's fabulous handiwork on our line sheets at the show. It all looked so great. 
I saved The best for last....These are my favorite of the collection. These are our Spring collection, shipping 1/25 and 2/25's. The colors are so muted, and pastely, which i love because it's a mens line and it's nice to see men finally catching up to us wonderful women ;)

Just some clothing porn for you guys all lined up. How do you feel about it? It all looks amazing, I really love it. I'm so proud of Rag Dynasty and how far we've come! Anything you like and hope to see on the site soon? My favorite is that last photo, the brown paneling. Photos don't even do it any justice.. Well, to wrap this post up, I want to tell you all about my short short lasting job during setup. Steaming.every.shirt. I gave up after about 6 shirts (if that) because the Steamer Monster decided to eat me. He burned my finger and attacked me. He was not pleased, and would not let a single shirt I steamed stay steamed. It was a nightmare. Sam laughed at me and my sad face as I complained every minute i had to steam and yelped everytime the stupid monster bit me with his evil steaming ways. I wouldn't of minded steaming if we didn't accidentally purchase such an evil steamer. Due to the possessed, angry steamer, I will probably never steam anything ever again. ever.

the steamer monster. 
Anyway, on a more cheerful note, Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY guys! It ends in 3 days, the 20th at midnight. I'll just of gotten off a plane, so maybe I'll even give you guys an extension ;) we'll see! Just don't forget to enter! Hey, if you'd rather just purchase to guarantee getting your fave Rag Dynasty woven, just BUY one on our online shop!! 20% any order special goin on.. How'd you guys get so lucky?! I guess we like you, or are so distracted by Magic we forgot. So, seems my blog entries will be a day late, but maybe today's photos and such will be blogged tomorrow and so on :) things are insane...


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Insane In the Membrane, Insane In the Brain!

Oh, excuse me, just getting lost in a sing-a-long....

Anyone know the lyrics? Maybe we should ask this guy...

Hahaha, It's B Real! From Cypress Hill. way too cool, this was taken  from the show at Verizon ampetheater  last month. Its super neato, and a great honor to be promoted by him, and loved we hope :)!


Teenage Dream...

Well, let me start by saying, the title is not only my FAVORITE song at the moment, by Miss Katy Perry. HOW IS THAT SONG SO GREAT?? The video is super cute too probably because she is such a vixen, i mean look at this screen shot. ok , really do they get prettier??

Anyway, on to my feeling connecting to the title...Things are truly feeling like a Teenage Dream, loving school and feeling like a big kid all at once. We just got to Vegas and I feel more mature (maybe because I am not at all into the party scene and thus feel more mature than the drunk at 12 o'clock pm weirdos..) or maybe just because of the professional energy in the show sense in Vegas right now. Well, we are here and guys.....Magic is Tuesday!! We get to set up tomorrow which will be great to start feeling that energy. I'm stoked.

We are truly blessed and I am feeling GREAT for the upcoming few days..

Remember to check us out ONLINE and shop around and if you're at Magic come by for sure!!!
Also, the giveaway, a few days left...Get on it!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Beats to Beat the Heat?

I'm trying to rhyme, don't judge me. ANYWAY, as the show approaches, (we leave in T-minus 6 days!!! eep!!) I've been doing the only thing I can think of to keep calm and focused. Listen to music. It really is just such an amazing thing, I take the idea of just popping in a CD (or turning on Pandora) and calming down for granted sometimes..

Anyway, I stumbled upon a kickass music blog the other day, LinkGigs, and they even gave us and our giveaway a shout out! Check their blog here and if you or anyone you know is an up and coming DJ in any area, make sure to submit an application with them! looks like they have a pretty neat set up going on there! I love looking through the blog and getting hot new music recommendations. Its nice when you're not sure what to listen to, or plop onto a Pandora playlist, gives a little push into the right direction!!

On another note, DON'T FORGET TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! only about a week or so left going on there, so you gotta enter ASAP, also, remember if you don't have a facebook, you can now comment on the previous post or this post, and you will be entered! the blog and FB are separate entries so you have 2 chances some people! so enter now, check out the online shop's site!!

Don't forget too, on the shop we are currently offering 20% off purchases!! and ALWAYS offering free shipping!! WAHOOOOO!

So, in conclusionnnnnn,  check the music out guys, and make sure listen to a few of the recommendations, some really grear music! Then enter the giveaway so you can listen to those HOT beats and rock some even HOTTER threads, After all, fashion and music go so hand in hand its a little ridiculous sometimes.


Saturday, August 7, 2010


clever title, no?

anyway, GIVEAWAY guys. yeah thats right.

click the photo or follow THIS link to enter. All you have to do is check out the online shop ,  then go back to the facebook event page, and post a link of your fav shirt and how you'd wear it! then BAM entered! too easy, I know, but i guess we like you guys ;)

UPDATE: comment on this blog if you'd prefer or don't have a facebook!! Let us know here what your favorite shirt is and you are also signed up for the giveaway! Do both and get an extra entry into the giveaway!! thanks!



For those of you who have noticed the Poppy design on the left of our page -- it is for a contest! slash promotion.. the contest is for YOU, but it leads people onto our trail, neat right? If it led you here, then HELLO from Rag Dynasty and check out our website & 20% as well as free shipping on the new online shop!!! very cool stuff guys.

Anyway, just click one of the bottom flowers to tweet us (#coachpoppy #men) and you a.) have a chance of winning a coach bag (ladies) and help us out for promotion! so help us out guys. click one of the flowers, or tweet (and tell your friends to retweet!!!!) #coachpoppy #men and help us grow our poppy garden :)


Thursday, August 5, 2010

One more note...

on the online site.


click through the picture to get to our event page, and to our fan page! like us!! c'mon! do it!

pweeze :)


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wait, Rag Dynasty.. now available online?! TO ANYONE?

Yep, we have finally hit the world wide web via shopping cart. You guys can check us out HERE and buy some of our neato long sleeve and short sleeve styles! the long sleeves are great for us East Coast folk who will be experiencing the cold all too soon, while you lucky Cali and West Coast babes can rock our short sleeve styles!! Guys, check this out. Things will go QUICK! with prices and styles like these, who can resist?? tell us which one is YOUR favorite of the bunch! which would you like to rock and where to??

click the picture to get to one of my favorite styles!!



Picture from here

I cannot believe how close we are getting to the show. We are patiently awaiting the rest of our samples and so excited to get them in and prep everything for the show.. We will be in the premium section of MAGIC Mens, and so pumped. Prepping, Shopping for the perfect outfits, and working (wait, what's that!?) is definitely a great way to mentally prepare for the most fun we get to have in August :)

thoughts on the perfect outfit?? what to wear with our amazing flannels, prints, or t's?
check out the website and give us your two cents! what would YOU wear?!

hope to see you there!!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Anticipation...

For the show is insane! Excited for the people, clothes, energy. It will all be fabulous. As I just opened my badge for the show, I flipped through a few of our designs on the website and got even more pumped. I hope that we will see you there!
It will be a party every day, and Rag dynasty will be the first to blow up the balloons...

photo courtesy of


Monday, August 2, 2010

One of those days..

At the office, playing around with the header, and layout. Any suggestions? how do you guys feel about it? I personally love the simplicity...any tips? comments? criticism? do share. Tell those boys about it, I definitely think they look open to criticism...right?

On another note, I am the new kid in school, and am so happy to be apart of Rag Dynasty and taking over the blog. What would YOU like to see more of on our blog? Don't be shy! Also, don't be bashful about visiting our website ;)

working on a shopping cart for those of you with a weakness for online shopping... (guilty.)