Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MAGIC pt. uno...

I'm a little late seeing as how I am at the show now, its technically Day one today, but we spent so long yesterday setting up and getting all the fun stuff (some not so fun) done that I obviously took pictures like the blogger I am attempting to become...
He who shall not be named, arriving at the show.
He is rocking on of our Rag Dynasty T's that we are giving away at the show everyday!
If ya are diggin' it, comment below, we'll figure something out..

Me! arriving to set up the booth, obviously really friggin excited.. 
Well, since I took literally a bajillion pictures, I will try to keep this somewhat tame, but it's an exciting show and wild & cuh-razy, so this post may have a little of everything inside of it. But those pictures were just outside of Mandalay, and five seconds after they were taken, we were probably sweating oceans. Vegas is SO HOT right now. It's a nightmare...anyway onto the fun stuff, like setting up. so, the gang!
The boys of Rag Dynasty, and a mannequin, but hey, he's a Rag Dynasty boy, right???

Also, this is a broad look...but look how great our colors and styles look. Get 
ready for some serious mens fashion porn as you scroll down, we have some AMAZING styles guys.
our beautiful booth name card...
I love that. Our first show, they got our name wrong. Ugh, I remember that and it was so frustrating especially as like, a debuting artist.. But man, when we got there, and I took this photograph, I was so stoked. It looks beautiful. I'm considering this for our new header, what do you think? should we do it?

the tag, I felt like it needed a picture they all look so wonderful.
(Its just unexplainable. is that a word? it is now!)
The colors, THE COLORS. This is just my attempt and being fabulous and artsy. but I do like the lineup and colors
what do you guys think?
Tobi's fabulous handiwork on our line sheets at the show. It all looked so great. 
I saved The best for last....These are my favorite of the collection. These are our Spring collection, shipping 1/25 and 2/25's. The colors are so muted, and pastely, which i love because it's a mens line and it's nice to see men finally catching up to us wonderful women ;)

Just some clothing porn for you guys all lined up. How do you feel about it? It all looks amazing, I really love it. I'm so proud of Rag Dynasty and how far we've come! Anything you like and hope to see on the site soon? My favorite is that last photo, the brown paneling. Photos don't even do it any justice.. Well, to wrap this post up, I want to tell you all about my short short lasting job during setup. Steaming.every.shirt. I gave up after about 6 shirts (if that) because the Steamer Monster decided to eat me. He burned my finger and attacked me. He was not pleased, and would not let a single shirt I steamed stay steamed. It was a nightmare. Sam laughed at me and my sad face as I complained every minute i had to steam and yelped everytime the stupid monster bit me with his evil steaming ways. I wouldn't of minded steaming if we didn't accidentally purchase such an evil steamer. Due to the possessed, angry steamer, I will probably never steam anything ever again. ever.

the steamer monster. 
Anyway, on a more cheerful note, Don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY guys! It ends in 3 days, the 20th at midnight. I'll just of gotten off a plane, so maybe I'll even give you guys an extension ;) we'll see! Just don't forget to enter! Hey, if you'd rather just purchase to guarantee getting your fave Rag Dynasty woven, just BUY one on our online shop!! 20% any order special goin on.. How'd you guys get so lucky?! I guess we like you, or are so distracted by Magic we forgot. So, seems my blog entries will be a day late, but maybe today's photos and such will be blogged tomorrow and so on :) things are insane...


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