Sunday, August 15, 2010

Teenage Dream...

Well, let me start by saying, the title is not only my FAVORITE song at the moment, by Miss Katy Perry. HOW IS THAT SONG SO GREAT?? The video is super cute too probably because she is such a vixen, i mean look at this screen shot. ok , really do they get prettier??

Anyway, on to my feeling connecting to the title...Things are truly feeling like a Teenage Dream, loving school and feeling like a big kid all at once. We just got to Vegas and I feel more mature (maybe because I am not at all into the party scene and thus feel more mature than the drunk at 12 o'clock pm weirdos..) or maybe just because of the professional energy in the show sense in Vegas right now. Well, we are here and guys.....Magic is Tuesday!! We get to set up tomorrow which will be great to start feeling that energy. I'm stoked.

We are truly blessed and I am feeling GREAT for the upcoming few days..

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