Monday, August 23, 2010

Can you feel the HEAT?

for those of you following basketball, maybe the Heat means something to you, or maybe those of you who were in Vegas with us and finally escaped that heat. Either way, heat means something to someone! right?!

OK, to my point. Has anyone seen LeBron's feature in GQ magazine? The pictures are great, he looks fabulous, been hittin that Miami beach I guess, anyway, his outfits are fabulous. check it out!

 photos from here

Love his looks in these photos. Especially the camel. I really wanna get some Camel skinnies and a coat. I feel like it'd be  a great addition to my wardrobe.. What do you guys think about Lebron now? traitor? or future Heat star?

I think he went for the gold.. and if thats where he will win, then let him do his thing! plays competitve basketball to win right?

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