Friday, November 13, 2009

Young Mens Designer Fashion

One young designer might specialize in t-shirts while another competing young designer might specialize in jeans. On top of that, there are different designs in one category. Jeans, for example, have hundreds of different styles from faded threads to new and fairly young skinny jeans.

Many young designers have tried, but the fashion industry seems to be one of the hardest even though styles continue to evolve, and anything old is considered either vintage, which is good, or outdated, which is bad. Sometimes, styles come back into fashion such as vintage jeans with holes in them, or worn out t-shirts, but for the most part, keep you bell bottoms and platform shoes in your closet where they belong.

Young designers have taken notice to this fashion trend and thus are coming out with vintage clothing lines featuring faded jeans, worn out t-shirts, tarnished belt buckles, and other clothing accessories.

Rag Dynasty

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