Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just The Way You Are..

brilliant summer staple, great for keeping cool.
plus, something so classy about all white
photo from:
 stilinberlin.blogspot.com/ I believe

Well, I do believe that today is the last day of summer...it's strange, isn't it? I feel like Summer began 2 days ago, but now its ending. With the ending of Summer, comes the beginning of Fall, which means sweater-weather, corduroys, vests, pants, and real shoes -- wait, real shoes... Does that mean I can't live in my flip flops anymore? I don't think I even know HOW to do that.

I've compiled some of my favorite summer moments, just to end the my summer with you guys and move onto sweater weather, though I must admit, it was 80 degrees here in upstate NY today, and is supposed to be ninety by the end of the week, so that's not the transition into Fall I was expecting, but I guess the Sun has spoken, and I am more than OK with a few more days of sunny dressing...


the ocean... need I say more?
credit: images.google.com

Love the LA sunsets. Nothing gets better than driving and
looking at the beautiful palm trees and the purple blue skys.
credit: images.google.com

I had to mention ice cream, right?? Its my favorite :)
credit: here

Lastly, how can an LA native not pay some homage to this skyline...
summer nights will be missed.
credit: images.google.com

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