Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can't See Past My Shades, Past My Shades, Past My Shades...

Well, today is a sunny day in good ol' Rochester, which trust me, is a miracle. Its a lovely lovely October Fall day, So I have decided to put an outfit post that reflects that. Also, Today is October 20th, which has I guess become a day to honor the 6 teenagers whom committed suicide this month alone I believe. All committed suicide because they were not accepted for who they were, and that is not right. They were college students or high school students, and as a student at a University very close to one of the tragedies I think its not right that this day and age this kind of treatment is still going on.. Here at Rag Dynasty we are so incredible accepting of everyone no matter what race, gender, orientation or anything along the lines. we are a human race and are all so wonderful for who we are and who we want to be. So, I am doing an outfit with some purple matched in in honor of...Today I am even rockin' a purple scarf for the cause. So, here is the outfit! lemme know what you think, as always incorporating Rag Dynasty because hey, ya gotta be fashionable right?!

Whats your favorite part of the outfit, mine besides the fabulous Rag D shirt which you can get your own at THIS link! Only $55 what a steal! Also, at everything is 20% off and free shipping, so go ahead and utilize that!

Also, I want to shed some appreciation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is now, and something very important to me!
I feel like even though it is the end of the month, and seems late, I will be posting some PINK inspired posts in honor of!!


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