Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Because I Love...

Autumn, I am going to share with you some epic-ly beautiful photographs from my walk through Mt. Hope cemetery yesterday! It was so gorgeous, and I got lucky, because today is pouring rain and freeeeeezing, but yesterday was so warm and crispy. It was perfect timing for a walk!

the amazing leaf pile that of course we jumped through an played in.
I never knew how much fun playing in leaves could be...

For wonderful Fall time strolls I'd recommend an outfit loose and comfy. something cozy...

the shoes look so cozy it's not even funny... Recognize the shirt anyone? It's our Western Plaid that's being sold at Buckle! Below is a link for Buckle, just click through here or the Buckle logo. But work quickly, get this, our Green Western Plaid is no longer available on the website! so exciting!! so lets go, order em up before the Brown is gone too!! 

Have a happy Thursday, one more day!! then.... FRIDAY!
so excited, wonderful Thursday night ahead, going to see one of my favorite bands  Matt & Kim :)! 
(clicking through will lead you to one of my fav new songs by them..)



  1. these are great pictures, i love the sun through the trees. and great outfit! i'm glad that you posted a comment on my blog - it's good to find some mens outfits being posted=)

  2. thanks! be sure to keep checkin us out and the posts... I just like to do the outfit posts for men, i feel like it helps show what works with our products... right?