Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome Fall...

Well, It's October 6 and Fall is in full swing here in New York!! Its good times, chilly time for sure but it is truly splendid. It's such perfect flannel and blazer or sweater weather. Soooo, I decided to show an outfit that I think appropriate for the fall, slash that I just think is great for keeping warm in the coooooool days.

By the way, Polyvore has decided to be mean and not function properly, so I'm using, yet again my favorite plaid because it kinda gives for the same kind of feel!

I feel like cherry on top of this outfit are the Toms, they are such comfy shoes! I want a pair so bad...Anyway, this just seemed like a good outfit to kick into a new month with.

How are everyones Octobers starting? anythin' absolutely spectacular going down?

Also, sorry everyone I feel like we've been teasing about a giveaway, I'm waiting for the right moment. but really, there will be one soon. I promise!!



  1. I didn't think they would, but Toms for winter totally work.

  2. They are so comfy, If you're not in Alaska, then they are a fabulous go to for an easy Fall outfit.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. WOAH you have some cool clothes. I will definitely be back to see what else you guys do. We always need more strong menswear.